Saturday, January 3, 2009

In Memory of Matthew

Our nephew, Matthew Epp
left our world last night:
after a hard and courageous battle with cancer.
I dedicate 2009 to you, Matthew.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Matthew was a fighter of heroic proportions. There is no doubt in my mind that God called this warrior to Him for a reason and that heaven is a better place today with Matthew in it. Warm regards, Simone

gaudlep said...

Joanne and Michael, Parker and James. Through you I got to know Matthew, Nicole, Dwayne, Christian and Emmanuelle. Thank-you for sharing your family . Thank-you too for dedicating 2009 to Matthew, so that we can continue to pray for Dwayne, Nicole and siblings for they will find the house big and empty. I know you guys loved Matthew's zest for life and that you too are saddend by his difficult life, which he led so valiantly. Know that you too are in my thoughts and prayers. Love Nicole

Leanne said...

Hi Jo,
I was so sad to hear of Matthew's passing. I'm thinking of you guys!
I've just spent the past 45 minutes catching up on reading your blog. I love it! It's inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Ma chère Joanne, Michael, James and Parker -
My sympathies for your loss. It is hard to understand why some kids should have such a short life but he has not left without making an impression. I am thinking of you guys during this difficult time - courage et beaucoup d'amour! Love you! Linda et famille

Ms. Porter said...

I haven't been by since the week before Christmas...I am so, so sorry. Although I don't know you personally or your family, I could tell through your blog and the lovely post you wrote about your nephew not so long ago that he was loved and that he touched your lives (and so many others). I read what your mother told you when your uncle died, what a beautiful way of explaining death to a child...but such truth in your nephew's case. Equally lovely, is the fact that you have dedicated 2009 to your nephew. May the grief in your hearts slowly seep out so that there is plenty of room for all of the joyous memories you have of Matthew.