Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Art of Sleeping

Parker refused to get out of his swing. (I'm learning that sometimes he can have his way!)
So I let him sit in it while James and I filled the purple elephant pool with freezing cold water.
I let James supervise the filling of the pool to check out the swinging baby.
And there he was sleeping holding his bunny.
The neighbors got a good laugh!
He slept there for 45 minutes!
Hmmmm....maybe this will be his new nap hangout!

I don't like the kids falling asleep in the car.
It's a real pain to move them out once we arrive home.
They usually wake up mad and think they slept for 3 hours when in fact in was for 8 minutes.
To keep them awake in the car I use different methods like:
I talk loud and say things like:
"Look at the motorbike!" (there is not one in sight so it keeps them looking for awhile...)
"O! Look did you see the cow?" (again, no cow in sight!)
Or I'll tell them, "Stay awake! Don't fall asleep. Please....keep your eyes open!
I'll blare the music from the Juno soundtrack. It works magic!
I also perform stunt driving...taking a corner with a touch more speed and purposely hitting a pothole (don't tell the hubby that one!) to keep them alert!
I can proudly keep them awake HOWEVER the other day, James fell asleep before I even was aware that he was nodding off!
So upon arrival at woke him up and told him to walk straight to his bed.
I got Parker out of his car seat and when I entered the house there was James.
Passed out on the floor!
He was right out.
I took the crane (aka: my arms) to lift his heavy body (42lbs) up and brought him to bed.
A good nap was had by all!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Our first camping weekend was so much fun that come Sunday we rather have stayed than pack up and go back home!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rev it up!

Without a doubt the boys' favorite toys are trucks and cars!

We got them each an AUTOMOBLOX vehicle

P loves the red one. And thankfully J loves the green one. No fighting for once!

The only thing about these cool toys is that they are hard on the wood floors...or rather the boys are hard on the floors with their AUTOMOBLOX!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Hi Daddy,
'Cause it's Father's day we thought it would be cool to list off a few things we like about you:
  • For playing the pillow game every night with us
  • For teaching us how to burp
  • For putting my boots and bars on every single night (Parker)
  • For teaching me how to put my runners on (James)
  • For bringing us to see the Dune Buggee race.
  • For reading me the Gruffalo book every night (James)
  • For buying us each our own Funky Monkey Booster Juices every time you take us to the mall.
  • For letting us drive our 'motorbike' to get the mail.
  • For making us great meals that include chips with ketchup and Big Turk chocolate bars.
  • For letting us sneak into bed with you
  • But most importantly for bringing us into the world! We love it here!
Love your sons,

James & Parker

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Unique Toys...

Toys that are unique to one toddler may be totally boring for another.
However, the hamper has to be in the top 10 for toys adored by all toddlers.
Heck even us grown-ups think they are cool.
Come on, aren't you tempted sometimes to sit in there and have someone drag you around?

Monday, June 9, 2008


Much tastier when I don't eat the orange peal!
My 5th one of the day....but don't tell!

Future Jackson Pollock in training!

They never fight!$#!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Girls, cake, and more girls!

On Saturday mommy took me to my very first birthday party.
My buddy turned "4"!
She had lots of little friends there, mostly girls!
It was hard to keep up to all of them. One minute I was the monster and the next minute I was told, "We're not playing that anymore."
A princess appeared and she colored our faces! The girls got butterflies and such but I went for a blue monster truck! I had so much fun that I was nodding off on the way home. But mommy made sure I kept awake till I got home.

Note: Mommy made me wear the PINK shirt!