Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mr. Flu Was Here

Mr. Flu arrived in our home and stayed for ten (10!) long days. James, aka: Mr. Resilient was unfazed by his arrival. Parker on the other hand puked and we changed many diapers due to Mr. Flu invading his little body. Parker also got a mega diaper rash to prove it.

Mr. Flu was crazy about me. He would come and go leaving me confused. Am I sick or is it just in my head? Needless to say our weekend was blah! Daddy was sick maybe for 24 hours. I've known Daddy for over 12 years and he has yet to puke! What the heck is wrong with him? I puke once a year for sure. That to me is normal. This 'not puke for over a decade' is just weird.

We are now 90% good but never trust Mr. Flu. He can come back in your life when you least want him too.

*James is diabetic free! His going to the bathroom has diminished too. What gives? Another item to go under, "Sometimes you'll never know why."

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Ms. Porter said...

oh my gosh, how terrible. what a nasty bug going around. take your time getting better, the last 10% better!