Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

James has a new hairdo!

As new parents of our African son, we or should I say I, decided that it was time to get James' hair twisted. I brought James to see Gill who owns the African Braids and Beauty Shop in Kelowna. Armed with a portable DVD player (thanks Simone!) and treats to entertain James during the two hour process we arrived at the salon. Twenty minutes into the twisting James begins to cry and I try to tell him it's okay and to keep watching Happy Feet and eating his treat. But the bribery tricks weren't working, he kept crying and saying, "All done." I wanted to tell him that hair is painful at times. What little girl hasn't screamed blue murder when their mommy did their hair? I wanted to explain to him that it's part of his heritage but I knew that none of that would sink in to a crying little boy. So I look at Gill and say, "What do I do? Should we cut his hair?" She blurts out quickly, "No! You don't cut his hair!". So Gill gave me a quick tutorial on how-to-twist our son's hair and we packed up the portable DVD, bought some wax for the twisting and went home. Once at home Michael and I took turns twisting and two hours later we were done. James was a trooper allowing us to complete the project and now seems to like it...I think!