Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Race

by Daddy (aka: Michael Epp)

The time had now come,
Race day was here
The fans were all standing
Eager to cheer

The engines had started
They lined up in place
The drivers gripped tight
Ready to race

The green flag waved down
The buggies all surged
Around the first corner
A front runner emerged

Grey buggy two-two eight
At the head of the pack
Turned corner number two
On that dusty, dirt track

Hitting the jumps
One after another
"That one's my daddy!"
Said James to his brother

Around the last turn
In the dust and the grime
The red buggy now lead
Two-two-eight now behind

Checkered flag down
The race now done
Dust hanging in air
Red buggy had won

To the pits they drove
Single file all the way
Win, lose or draw
It was a heck of a day!

"It's okay Dad", said James
His voice filled with pride
Next time you'll win
With me by your side.


A snapshot of Daddy's dune buggy after the June race!