Thursday, January 15, 2009

He goes a lot...

Today we visited Dr. Gossier. James has been having to go pee frequently. A couple a times an hour! This has been going on for some time now.

Before Christmas we dashed to the walk-in clinic to get this checked. This is where the receptionist told my kids to be quiet because she couldn't here on the phone. The mother bear in me had to bite her tongue! Who would you believe...the bias mother or the cranky receptionist?

The doctor prescribed James an anti-biotic for a bladder infection. Even though it didn't show on the urine test that it was an infection he thought to treat it as one: 'just in case'. Weird, I thought. But got the prescription anyway. And you guessed it, his trips to the bathroom didn't diminish.

When I told Dr. Gossier this she looked at me funny and then kindly said, "We do things differently here." This is why I keep her as our family doctor. It's not because her clinic is too far from our house (30 min drive) or that she is notoriously late (less than 30 minutes waiting is a good visit!).

So tomorrow James is going to get some blood test done. To have things checked out more thoroughly. And this is where I get nervous. The last time James had to get blood tests was when he had just arrived here. It was a gong show. The ladies had a very hard time finding a vein on him...hmmmm I wonder why? Anyway they kept probing and picking and soon James was having a melt down. The poor little thing.

The best part was when we were leaving an elderly lady came to me and said, "Do you think it's something to do where he came from, that he's crying?" Again the mommy bear in me had to bite her tongue.

I can only hope that tomorrow's blood taking event will be less dramatic than the first one.

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Rose said...

Good luck with the blood tests. Sounds like you have had some quircky rceptionists around you lately...hopefully this time, it goes smoother.

Good luck James!