Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Update on my Club Foot

Note: Internet is back at lightning speed. Here is a post by Parker that was scheduled to be up a few weeks ago...

At the beginning of this month I headed to Vancouver for my regular club foot check-up. I love going there. I get juice, cookies and to play with the toys.

Mommy always seems to strike up a conversation with one of the parents. This time it was a cute mommy with her little baby boy. He was 3 months old wearing his boots and bars. I remember those days: having to wear those suckers for 23 hours a day.

Dr. Alverez was thrilled with my progress. She said, 'Not all patients have such a great success." I'm lucky Daddy is so committed in putting on my boots and bars every night.

The best news is that when I turn 3 I am boots and bars free! Looking forward to sleeping bare feet and moving around in my sleep without this bar between my legs!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Internet Issues

Thanks to Shaw, my internet has been having many issues that I can't seem to fix on my own.

I called Shaw's customer service to request one of the technicians to come fix it. This Tuesday they will come between 2PM - 4PM. I made this call 10 days ago.

I could have had them come tomorrow but I would have had to be home all day. "How many people do you know stay home all day?" I asked Mr. Customer Service Manager. The guy answered, "My wife. We have 4 kids and expecting our 5
th." Nice.

Because of my whining he said they will give me the last 3 weeks free. But it hasn't been really working for months so I am not thrilled with their generous offer.

I've got a lot more done around the house since I'm internet free. Summer items are all out, winter boots but away and all my photos developed and inserted in their albums. Very productive. Nonetheless, I'd rather me browsing on Etsy, Facebooking, Googling and emailing than doing my domestic duties!

*I am typing this at an Internet Cafe...and no I don't have a laptop.*

Friday, April 24, 2009

Uniquely Odd...

Can you see the weird mode of transportation in this picture?

I quickly grabbed my camera and captured this "Kodak" moment while we where driving in Vancouver.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Back Packers!

Parker and James love to travel. With their new back packs (filled with too many trucks, cars and books) they think they are pretty cool.

They make us smile. Anyone standing in the elevator gets their laugh for the day too.

The new thing they are doing is calling each other "bro".

But don't think they get along all the time.

Heaven forbid if one of them presses the elevator button knowing full well it isn't his turn. The one who missed out on his turn is traumatized. You will hear the cry of anger coming from the victim and if he is really chocked he'll give his bro a good shot to the arm. A very loving scene indeed.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whose Bed Have These Boots Been Under?

Remember my 2009 New Year's resolution: buying clothes at less than $25 bucks?
I'm happy to report that I'm impressing myself. Even Daddy is impressed. And trust me if I can impress Daddy went it comes to shopping I know I'm rockin!

Last week I visited my girlfriend at her work. Which may have gotten her in a bit of trouble: I spent over 60 minutes chatting in her office! Apparently she gets paid to be there! Anyway, she was sporting these cool Lacoste runners. She found them at VV (aka: Value Village). I was inspired...

After my Thursday night yoga class I checked out VV. I scored! So much that I had to call my other girlfriend while I was throwing a pair of $5 jeans for James in the buggy! She laughed and said, "I love you! You're hilarious." I love her too.

So I got some cool stuff but my proudest purchase has to be these red boots.
These set me back $15 bucks!

While polishing my "new" boots Shania Twain's song started signing in my head:
Well whose bed have your boots been under?
I wanna know whose bed, baby
Whoa baby, tell me
Whose bed, yes I wanna know
You better start talkin'
Or you better start walkin'...
I can't help but think of the previous owners when I buy items previously used.

Did the previous owner of my boots outgrow them physically or emotionally?
Or did she decide that she will stick to wearing stilettos?


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Goin' to the Chapel

Our Easter weekend was enjoyed by attending Patrick & Holly's wedding in Creston, BC. James was right into this:

He got to kiss the bride...
Eat from a chocolate fondue...
Blow bubbles...
and do a few dance moves...

He tried holding a girl's hands to dance but she didn't want anything to do with it! It was soooooo adorable.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Freestyle Moves

Our good friends in Vernon invited us to join them at a motocross show. The boys were in awe! Even mommy was impressed.
Who knew a back flip on a motocross could be done without it back firing?
Reagan Sieg, from Vernon is one of Canada's most impressive freestylers. He was there showing off his moves. Autographs where even being given after the event!
The boys call their bicycles motorbikes. I don't have the heart to correct them. They are proud to wear their helmets and pretend to put on their gloves and boots. Precious for now. But not sure if I could stomach seeing them performing moves like the pros!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Poker Face

We vacationed in Las Vegas with the boys last week.
The buffets that stretched like limos were the highlight for Parker and James.

Things Mommy didn't like about Vegas:
  1. Everything is too big! Really, do you need to have your lobby the size of a football field?
  2. Starbucks has the monopoly in all the hotels on the strip. And they where worried about Bill Gates?
  3. Crossing the street to see a new venue takes not five minutes, not 10 minutes about 26 minutes! By the time you get there you've walked two miles! And don't forget you haven't yet walked into their football size lobby!
  4. Cigarette smoking is allowed as you sit enjoying the warm sun by the pool.
  5. No recession here. All the trust-fund kids were enjoying their spring break!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools?

Captured this picture on Kelowna's busiest road yesterday!