Friday, January 16, 2009

No Chewing Gum

James had to have no foods or liquids prior to getting his blood test done. So I rushed this morning to be at the clinic before 8 am. We arrived with a line of people already waiting. We were No. 5 in line. We stood outside for 20 minutes. I bribed them with some gum to keep them quiet and calm. When the doors opened the receptionist noticed my James chewing gum. And that's when she told us to come back another day. I guess no food, no liquids also includes no gum! Duh! So next week we will try this again.


Ms. Porter said...

Oh jeeez! Go mid week (not Mon or Fri) because people who have to have their blood checked regularly like to get it done before the weekend or right after the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo...go to the lab on Springfield, they are awesome there, trust me the one who CANNOT do the blood thing!!!!
and, in regards to the nurse and old lady at the clinic, how RUDE of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who do they think they are!!!!

take care,

Anonymous said...

How did it go??