Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Friend Spencer

Spencer, with his mom (Lisa) and dad (Mark) came to visit us all the way from Saskatoon. Spencer taught me about combining, grain bins and that John Deere is the best. We toured an orchard and got to see tractors, roosters and goats! We had fun playing on the swings too! Here we are giving each other a big hug!

I am getting stronger every day! Not long ago I had trouble walking at a good pace but now I can run, climb stairs and even get a bit of air when I try to jump. These are big accomplishments for me. Mommy and daddy love hearing me yell, "I'm running! Look I'm running fast!".

Parker is trying to talk. I often tell him to be quiet but then I'm told that three parents are not needed. When Parker is not wearing his boots and bars he sure tries to crawl. I'm also noticing that he is trying different foods, now that he has 3 teeth he seems to want to chew on everything.

I love taking my swimming lessons and dunking my whole head under water. Teacher Amy says I'm a real fish. If I could go everyday I would!

Well it's night-night for me. Daddy is going to read me "The Gruffalo" and than I'm going to sleep in mine and Parker's room. I hope Parker keeps up his new routine of sleeping till morning!

Wet kisses,

Monday, September 10, 2007

Calgary Visitors!

Parker and I had lots of fun with Aunty Louise and cousin Christine. We got LOTS of attention. Christine gave me a bath every night and tucked me into bed reading me a story. Aunty Louise cuddled Parker, rocked him to sleep and added a few more foods to his diet; like ice cream! Mommy and daddy got to escape to a movie! We had lots of fun but today they had to go back home. I'm already a bit lonely!

Tomorrow I start my first swimming class called Bubblers! I love the water so I am very excited to go. Hope you all had a great summer! Parker and I sure did!