Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good bye to Our Nephew

We went back to Daddy's hometown in Fiske, Saskatchewan to say our good-byes to our nephew Matthew, who left us after a fierce battle with cancer. Sixteen years of life is too brief. If you meet Matthew's mom than you know where he got his gracefulness and his strong determination. She opens her heart in her website and receives many, many messages of condolence and support from around the world.
We've told the boys that Matthew is in heaven with Jesus. James asked, "Why?" I remember when my Uncle Marc passed away suddenly and I asked my mom the same question. She answered, "God picked him because he was so special. If you were in a flower garden, wouldn't you pick the best flower?" That took away my grief. I was only five at the time but it soothed me. I hope that time will soothe Matthew's parents' and siblings' hearts.

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