Friday, November 30, 2007

Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Parker is crawling at full speed to try and catch James who is running around the house while singing or talking. The words, "No, don't touch that." is frequently used and the boys seem oblivious to these words by day's end. Parker has 8 teeth now and loves Cheerios and won't bother eating baby food, which we don't blame him. Baby food isn't very tasty. He is a typical baby learning to eat by throwing his food on the floor!
We enjoyed a warm November and eagerly welcomed the snow that arrived last week to see James reaction to it. He liked that taste of it and loves to put his boots on to stomp on the snow. Now we'll need to show him how to make a snowman and a snowball. And most importantly we'll need to tell him the importance of not eating yellow snow!
It has been six months since James arrival and he is now above average in his weight! He eats like an adult: two toasts, a yogurt, an orange and a class of chocolate milk is his regular breakfast. His feet are so thick that we have trouble finding shoes that fit correctly! James loves going out and socializing. If we aren't out and about there is a restless boy in the house. If Parker grows to be as social we'll have quite the happening household! As for now Parker continues to be a quiet baby with great admiration for his big brother.