Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back from Our Holiday!

Off to Mexico (Cabo San Lucas) we went last Friday and before we knew it, it was time to pack up those suitcases and say good-bye to the warm sun. James lavished in all the attention he got from the staff and tourists. Not one day went by without James being picked up and his hair ruffled by a staff member! Upon arriving at the airport two young custom officer ladies each took turns holding him. By the end of the week Parker decided to join in the fun and was letting people wow over him too.

Michael and I took turns swimming in the NOT heated swimming pool with James. We tried getting Parker into the water but he did not want anything to do with it. He was content checking all the action from his stroller, that we purchased while we were there at Wal-Mart! Yes, 5 minutes from where we were staying there stood a brand new Wal-Mart!

Our plane rides went well but they really should make those washrooms a tad bigger: trying to change a diaper in there is quite tricky even if there is a change table! James almost jumped out of his skin when he flushed the toilet! We are happy to be back home, though the snow can disappear anytime!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Off to School I Go!

I started going to pre-school this week. Every Tuesday and Thursdays from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM I hang out with 20 others kids. We sing, dance, play, and learn a few things too! I've been happy to go so far. Perhaps I'll start getting a bit more apprehensive as time goes but so far Miss Karen says I'm doing good. Miss Tanya said to mommy that I'm a good dancer. I got some cool moves!

Parker is now 11 months and seems to go everywhere I go. He hasn't mastered the art of walking but he can sure crawl at a good speed. I do get annoyed when he takes my monster truck away from me. I tell him, "That's mine!". He sometimes starts crying so than I give it back to him. Mommy and daddy says it's fun to share. I'm not too sure about that. Parker is now wearing his boots and bars only at night. You can tell he is happy about that!

One more thing...I have 4 more pounds to gain and than I'll weigh 40lbs! It's great to be James Monrovia Epp!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Boys' First Christmas

We spent our first Christmas as a family with the Epp's in Fiske, Saskatchewan. All 32 of us where there; which included 5 new grand-kids in 2007! It was full of excitement. James loved every second of it and Parker was overwhelmed by it all. The weather was perfect for James to experience his first toboggan and ski-doo ride! He called the ski-doo the 'boat' and loved going for rides with Grandpa. Next year he'll be ready to skate as walking on the ice was too boring for him especially seeing his little cousins zooming by him. Our flight back home on New Year's Eve day was seamless until the last 2o minutes where Parker decided he had enough. 2007 was a magical year for us and we hope that the magic will continue to sprinkle into our lives in 2008. Happy moments to you all in 2008.


Joanne, Michael, James and Baby Parker