Friday, October 24, 2008

BOO 2 U!

Ever since my first purchase on Etsy, you know those darn cute super capes that I got custom made for the boys, I've done a couple more purchases, okay more than a couple...

This item I found earlier this month! I was browsing for modern Halloween decorations when I found this BOO banner at the Lullalo shop. The garland hangs from a lovely black satin ribbon and doesn't look tacky. Just what I wanted!

Katheryne, the designer at Lullalo has many different styles and is now working on Christmas banners. I'll be adding that to my Christmas decorations!

Seven more sleeps till Halloween and the kids costumes are ready, the pumpkins are bought, the BOO banner hangs ghostly in the kitchen and we are excited to Trick or Treat!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Off Road Adventure

It was probably on our second date when Daddy told me that he would love to do off road racing with a dune buggy. I never really heard of such a thing and wondered why someone would want to drive at full speed on bumpy terrain.

Our honeymoon involved a day watching an off road race in California. It was dusty, hot, noisy and the concession stand food was far from tasty: yeah, very romantic. However the groom thought is was so much fun that he ventured off to Mexico to check out a dune buggy race a year later. This time, I was wiser and stayed happily in Canada waiting his return.

Then the years zoomed by and the dune buggy dream took the very back seat. And than one day this summer Daddy announced he was going to shop for a dune buggy. I was thrilled that Daddy decided to just go for it! Soon the helmet arrived with the gloves and fire proof suit. The boys, all 3 of them were darn excited! Mommy just shook her head, lovingly. A couple of weeks later Daddy drove 30 hours to get his Dune Buggy. Arriving safe and sound all the men around the neighborhood were gathered on our driveway awing over this dune buggy.

The very next weekend Daddy was able to attend the last race of the season. Mommy and the boys missed out due to the very wet and muddy weather. Daddy arrived later in the evening very muddy but with such shine in his eyes that my heart beamed for him.

The helmet, suit and dune buggy are all put away waiting to be put into use come spring for a full season of racing. Till than the boys continue to use dune buggy lingo, imagining they are racing and winning each time!

The passion in Daddy's voice when he talks about the dune buggy reminds me that we need to let free more often and go with what moves us before that dream goes away for good.

P.S. The # 228 refers to the second month and the birthdates of the pit crew (James and Parker).

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm a blog stalker...

With over 100 million blogs out there I have to stop myself from becoming too much of a blog stalker. I have about a dozen blogs that I try to visit every week.

I need to keep my list short because I have a huge potential of becoming a blog addict. I have caught myself reading blogs way pass my bedtime, with much regret the next morning when I have the 2 dictators waking up at 6 AM.

This blog, M.D.O.D. became a favorite of mine because I am actually learning a few things about the medical field. Visit this blog, you may want to add it to your favorite list. What? You don't have a fav blog list?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ultimate Mom

When You're About To Go Off the

Deep End, Don't Take Your Kids With You, is the book I read during my first year of motherhood...that was last year.

It was at a parent conference when I heard Kelly Nault, the author of the book, speak about 'unleashing the ultimate mom within you'. I loved how candid she was about motherhood. I think that anyone who tries to say that they never had a meltdown in their career as a mother is severely in denial, which maybe a good place to be. But how long can one hold on like that?

Twenty months into my job as mommy I've had one meltdown...a month! So I refer to it on those less then easy days so that I can get back to being the Ultimate Mom to my boys.

Kelly is a spunky Canadian who gives 10% of the gross book proceeds to "Make A Wish Foundation" and if you are not the reading type visit, where she shares pratical parenting tips.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just Shear Luck

This Thanksgiving, like most, I tell myself it was just out of shear luck I am placed in this peaceful country. Yet I don't feel that this feeling of luck is enough. After seeing the movie Body of Lies last night, I kept dreaming that I was in hiding to avoid being caught and tortured. I had a gun, it looked like an M16 gun, it was dark, I was hungry, scared and strong.

Maybe it's my mind trying to show me how darn lucky I really am. The thing is, I wish that my gratitude could erase even a small portion of sadness that engulfs so many of us. Now that would be beautiful.

Our new babysitter just recently moved here from England. Thanksgiving does not exist in her country. She asked me last night, "What does Thanksgiving mean?". This is when I should have answered something of value but this what I said, "It's a time to be thankful, eat turkey, pumpkin pie and you get a day off!"

I was lucky to have been raised in a small rural town not having any understanding of war or witnessing extreme poverty. My lack of political interest was because of this huge security that I felt living in this town, province and country.

Sure my political knowledge has increased since I was a kid but it is still weak. Like I don't think I could carry an intelligent conversation with Justin Trudeau or that new Palin chick!

I am lucky for the usual stuff: health, love, roof on my head, peaceful country, blah, blah, blah. But what I really want is to show my appreciation of living this life, so I'll try to be kinder, show less road range, and have a good time....

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


The boys have entered the phase of, "Let's play daddy!".
"Bye mom! I'm going to PDI. I have to go make patio doors. I'll be right back." hollers James.

Not only do they pretend to go to work like daddy but they want to drive his truck, wear his shoes, shirts, and yes his new helmet!

If they keep this phase till they are in their teens they will be cutting the grass, doing the cooking....and other 'fun' things that daddy does like a pro!