Thursday, February 28, 2008

Daddy is 3?

It has been a month of birthdays and daddy was proud to celebrate his with his two boys! I made one of Michael's favorite meals: salmon, rice, ceasar salad! I wanted to make his favorite cake: Black Forest however the cherries I bought were in a syrup and I knew that pouring it on the cake wouldn't work so whip cream was the filler. The boys, like their dad thought it was a spectacular cake. Notice each boy is holding something: Parker his salted cracker and James his flashlight!#$@

Have great year hon, you are an awesome Daddy!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Bring Someone You Love!" Day

James' preschool had a Valentine's Party and he was allowed to bring someone he loved with him and so I was more than honored to be his Valentine. I got to participate in the shortened version of a regular preschool day. Here he is (wearing red of course!) making a beautiful picture with glue and cotton balls! He is quite the artist! He returned home to then figure paint! He appears to enjoy school however I don't think he loves it as much as swimming or playing monster trucks.

Parker's Valentine's Day was very quiet. After just recovering from his first ear infection he is now sick with the stomach flu. We have gone through many diapers and outfits. He has been pretty good and able to giggle and smile here and there. Now the parents are just hoping that their little "gum drop" doesn't have to be sick for too much longer.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Saturday, February 9, 2008

I am Free!

Yesterday I turned free (three!) years old! I invited by buddy Jace and his family for a chili dinner and chocolate cupcakes. We then headed downstairs to play wearing our matching Superman pajamas. We had lots of fun. I would show you some great pictures but mommy deleted them from the camera!

Now that I am a Big Boy I can help mommy vacuum, play hockey and work most electronics in the house: the stereo, DVD player, TV, etc. I love playing with my blue monster truck, taking care of my baby doll and coloring. I have now mastered the art of sharing with my little brother. Every time I share with him I am sure to tell mommy and daddy about it. A good deed can not go unnoticed! Now that I am 40lbs I have graduated into a booster seat in the car. Good-bye to my baby car seat, those straps where getting way too tight!

Though I do not know what time of day I was born I do have my birth certificate and it says I was born at the Catholic Monrovia Hospital. Yesterday we also honored by birth mother and birth father.

My plan for this year is to learn to ride a two-wheeler, (like my cousin Jaret did when he was 3!), wear my boxer shorts full-time, and continue to lead a life filled with giggles and love.

Warm hugs,

James Monrovia Epp

Saturday, February 2, 2008

365 Days Later...

Today is my 1st birthday! It was a good day to reminisce about my first year on Earth and all that I have accomplished in these 365 days. Here are some facts:

  • I was born at 2:07 AM in 2007!
  • I was born on Groundhog day!
  • My middle name is Richmond on behalf of my daddy's dad Richard and my mommy's dad Raymond.
  • I have 8 teeth and have gotten over 4 haircuts thanks to my cowlick (see picture above)!
  • I like saying, baba, dadda, daddy, ah, and I like to clap my hands.

In my 2nd year I hope to walk, run, eat more food, be breast milk free and continue to capture the hearts of my fan club!

Wet kisses,

Parker Richmond Ep

PS: Click on the the words highlighted in green!