Monday, March 9, 2009

Tough Enough?

It's a cute and funny face now.
But when he's 16, a few feet bigger than me and he gives me this look when I say, "No, you can't stay out till 3 in the morning." I think I'll be scared.


Leanne said...

Hey Jo! Just caught up on your blog, hadn't read in about a month. I just love it!
I miss you guys! Give your boys a big kiss from me!

Anonymous said...

His, like most others, might be a scary face when he's 18 but behind it will be a boy/man who's been loved and cherished and taught right from wrong. Your fear will be momentary in response to the look, then the realization will hit that this is the boy you've raised and your fear will subside.
Luv Simone

regan said...

OMG ... he looks like Arnold from Different Strokes!

"What you talkin' about Parker?!"

So cute!!!