Monday, March 2, 2009

The Modern-Day Mary Poppins

I bought this book a month before Parker arrived. It collected dust for about 5 months. Then one day I dusted it off and it hasn't left my bed side since than!

It's my mommy manual. I haven't read it page by page. Instead I check the index for the subject I want and read it.

Here are a few topics and techniques: my 'smart' comments are in ()
  • timer technique to teach kids to share (this actually works)
  • faddy dressing and how to deal with it (your going to wear that shirt, so deal with it!)
  • car journeys - coping strategies (fly, don't drive)
  • tantrums and how to deal with it (laugh, walk away, or run)
  • how to talk to your child - the three essential voices (screaming wasn't one of them, darn!)
This by far, is my favorite parenting book! You really should get it.

How did I hear about this book? A good friend of mind, who wasn't a parent at the time, suggested this book to me. Thanks Barbie! And yes her hubby's name is Kenny, and she doesn't like that I call her Barbie!


indigo herself said...

hey there. what would u say are the best online resources for safe web play or gaming. what community groups are generally trusted in canada? i have to do a project at work and thought u would be a good person to ask. children thru tweens and teens.

Chris said...

I didn't realize that Supernanny had a book, but I'll have to get it. I love her show - she whips those families into shape!