Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Clubfoot Treatment

Parker has been sleeping with his boots and bars since he was five months old. During the day he wears his New Balance shoes. At $55 a pop we make sure he is wearing his runners all the time. Though he is very good at taking them off or convincing us that he needs to wear his winter boots when you go get groceries.

The first Monday in April Parker has his appointment with Dr. Alvarez at the BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver. This appointment is to ensure his club foot is in the corrected position. Our last appointment Dr. Alvarez was very impressed with Parker's progress. His ability to squat impressed her. It is near to impossible to squat if one or both feet are clubbed...try it!

His foot looks great to us too: it no longer turns inward or points down. If he's lucky Parker will only have one more year of wearing his boots and bars.


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

My little nephew had clubfeet and had the same treatment. I remember feeling AWFUL and he was so nonchalant and so resilient, kids are so amazing like that. I bet Parker is too!

Rose said...

Hurray Parker! Almost done with the boots and bars! You would never know he even had clubfoot! What a trooper.