Monday, March 23, 2009

Mama Salma Knows Breast

Actress and humanitarian Salma Hayek recently spent time in
Sierra Leone, Africa on a UNICEF mission to raise awareness for tetanus.

*One child dies every three minutes from Tetanus, a preventable disease.*

At a clinic, Salma Hayek was so moved at seeing the suffering of a starving baby who was born on the same day as her little girl, Valentina, that she picked up the baby and nursed him. Her action stunned, inspired and scandalized the world. Go to YouTube to see her nurse this sweet baby.

What are your reactions to this story? Would you have nursed the baby?

I know I would have. Not only because of the circumstances but because the thing I loved most about being blessed to conceive was the ability to nurse. I loved it and miss it!

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