Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Hairdo!

Finally my parents decide to cut off my Donald Trump Comb Over. Dad did the honors while mom held me. I think they took an inch off. Dad wanted to cut more but mom didn't want to. I think she is afraid that it will never grow back. I also got my first teeth - two on the bottom! Now I am really wanting to eat dad's food!

My bro James still makes me laugh. If you ask him, "Who is your brother?" he will say, "Parker!". Last Friday he got shoe inserts put in his new runners. James was born with flat feet so this will help give his feet the arch they need so he can jump, run and climb stairs.

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Lisa said...

Oh my goodness.."Mini-Michael"!!! I know I said it yesterday when I saw sweet Parker in person, but I can't believe how much he has grown, changed & is looking like dad! What a great pic of the 2 brothers, they are so beautiful...James sporting the biggest smile I've ever seen! Bring them by MORE often...please!
....when are we babysitting?

regan said...

Oh Parker you look so much older with your haircut! I love it! And James, I'm glad to see you water mom's plants!
. . . love to you both,
Aunty Regan & Kale xoxoxo

marieray said...

Oh, Parker and James you are so sweet.
Parker, we like the new hair do, no more worries about a bad hair day!
James, hope your new shoes feel good and that you will be climbing and running soon.
Love to both of you and your mommy and daddy.
pere & mere

Simone said...

My goodness how they have grown and changed just since we saw them at Lisa's! It's definitely time for the Swett Clan and the Epp clan to plan a get together! I agree with everyone that Parker really looks older with his new haircut and with teeth coming in and him eating cereal now....my goodness! where does the time go. He'll be crawling in no time and life in the Epp household will just never be the same. Such wonderful times ahead for the two boys and for you guys. Logan and Sierra have been asking about a visit since the wonderful picture of James arrived. I'll call or email real soon to try to set something up. Love Simonexoxo

marieray said...

Hey Jo
It is Christine.
I hope to see you guys soon.
I keep up with the blog as much as possible. It is nice to see pictures and know about your lives as much as possible. I can not believe how much baby Parker and James have grown. Anyway keep up the good work in the blog and as a mom. (Same for you Micheal)
:) <3 xoxo

gaudlep said...

Okay Joanne and Michael, I hate to put pressure on you but when will you update your blog? I look every day and nothing new. Think of you often. LOve Nicole