Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Parker and I flew to Vancouver yesterday for his third cast while James hung out with his Dad at home. We are going back next week for a new cast and at the end of the month Parker will get fitted with boots and bars. He will need to wear them during the day. Once he starts walking he'll be sporting special shoes and only needing to wear the boots and bars at night till he is 3 years old. I learned that clubfoot occurs in approximately 1 in every 750 babies and is two times more common in boys than in girls. Every Tuesday the BC Children's Hospital holds a Clubfoot Clinic so we see lots of babies receiving this innovative treatment.

Today James had his first visit to the dentist and he impressed his parents.
Dr. Kalinski (nee Painchaud) was able to polish James' teeth and give him a fluoride treatment without James squirming too much. No cavities! Yippee! (

One more thing Parker has now started eating cereal once a day. Perhaps with a fuller belly Parker might just decide to sleep through the night!


Roseanne said...

It was so nice to see you guys in Kelowna and finally meet James. Noah won't stop talking about James. Noah thinks it is cute that James would mimick everything he was saying. We are on the countdown...less than 3 weeks to go before baby arrives (hopefully). We will keep you posted and maybe see you guys in August. Take care.
Lots of love

Leanne said...

What brave boys you have!!! I still remember how much I hated the dentist when I was a kid... the smell and sound scared the hell out of me! We're still in Manitoba, we're home on Friday. We'll be in Kelowna shortly after that unless Rosie pops! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!