Friday, July 20, 2007

Is Baby Parker Spoiled?

Tonight Michael and I went to a movie and left the boys with Mere & Pere (my parents). Our first get away since James' arrival. Two and half hours into "Transformers" (a movie to watch only if you are paid to) the cell vibrates and my mom leaves a message suggesting we come home 'cause Parker has been crying non-stop. We speed walk to the car and Michael drives the same way he did when he drove me to the hospital when I was in labor - fast. We arrive home and there are my parents standing at the door with Parker red face and crying. I rush to baby Parker and he stops crying immediately. I nurse him, daddy holds him and I nurse him some more till he passes out. I say to my parents, "He is so spoiled!", but they refuse to believe it. "No, no, no. He is a baby. He's not spoiled. He's just used to being with his mom and dad." I know Parker is spoiled and yet I'm not ready to do something about it because I love it - most of the time. Maybe one day I'll come to regret it but till than I'll enjoy his devotion!

PS - How did James do with being away from his mom and dad for the very first time? You guessed it, he was a gem!


regan said...

You're right Jo, enjoy every moment of it . . . because before you know it he'll be little Mr. Independent.

They're so darn adorable though, it's hard not to want to spoil them.

Love to all, R & K

Teri said...

Babies can't be spoiled! He loves his mommy and daddy and it's adorable! Not that he doens't love his grandparents, but it's different. And definately enjoy it while you can :)

marieray said...

Parker is not spoiled. It's normal.
Enjoy those special times.
It was fun to spend time with all of you.
You forgot to mention... Parker has 2 teeth!! Also, James got his insoles for his shoes!!!
pere & mere

Lisa said...

The time with your young children is so precious & you can't get it back. Embrace every moment, snuggle & 'need' for is never gone, but "changes" all too soon.
...and when do we get to babysit!?!