Friday, July 6, 2007

My Foot!

Tuesday I got botox injected in my leg to fix my foot. Dr. Alverez said I was a very brave boy and she also said I was really cute. I like her! Next Tuesday mommy and I go back to Vancouver to get a new cast.

Here is a picture of my cousin Noah. He is so cool! He wants to be a spy when he grows up! And my bro is doing good too. He is the funniest person I know.
Hugs & Kisses,


marieray said...

Hi Parker,
Glad you are getting your foot looked after.
You are a brave little baby boy.
We pray your foot will be better real soon.
We can't wait to see you and your brother James and your mom and dad.
Miss you lots.
We send you lots of love, hugs and kisses.

gaudlep said...

Joanne and Michael does it break your heart to see little Parker and yet your brain knows that we are blessed and that he will be 100%? James looks like a little comedian; are you busy by any chance???? Justine is gone to Gull lake (near Sylvan) with a friend and her family. Richard is gone to the Stampede to see the band Finger Eleven. Do you know them? Philo, Michel and I went for a 3km walk; we have to get in shape for the Juan de Fuca which we start in 9 days. I think of you often. Sending you each a hug and a kiss. Nicole

Louis said...

Hi Joanne, Michael, Parker and Jamie, this site is really great, thank you for keeping us informed and good luck to all of you. Do all of you come to Vancouver when you come with Parker, if not, Who babysits? Love you all, xoxo uncle Louis

Teri said...

awwww... poor baby! how does he do with the cast? what is it for again? I'm thinking it's turned in or something? A friend's daughter has CP and wears a cast and gets botox too, so I've heard about it a lot and know it's not a lot of fun. I hope that Parker does well with it. I love checking out your blog and seeing all the great pics of the boys! They are both adorable!

Anonymous said...

Thought of your family today and whipped back thru my in-box to find your blog address that you'd sent when James had first arrived. Saw the photo in August of Parker with a cast and then worked my way backwards till I found the explanation under "July". Sounds like you've taken it all in stride, as parents do with everything paernting throws at us. Interesting to me that that little inturned foot on the day he was born was NOT something that would resolve itself. So wonderful to see a smiling James! Love, Terra