Monday, August 6, 2007

Boots & Bars

I am now having to wear little white shoes with a bar to make sure my foot stays straight. I wear it 23 hours a day. I now get to take a bath every day and enjoy the sun. I got some snowboard stickers at West49 and stuck them on my bar. I now look like a baby snowboarder!

Here I am in the tub with my little cousin Liam. He is only 2 months older than Parker. We had fun playing together but I'm told I need to work on my sharing skills. I am not too sure why that is! I still love to eat, play and talk. I just love my new home!


regan said...

Well by the look on Parker's face he doesn't look too incapacitated. How cute they all are!

Love & Hugs, Aunty Regan & Kale

Teri said...

Awwww... I hope Parker doesn't mind the bar too much.

You've got two adorable little boys! (but of course you know that :) ).

It looks like James is settling in nicely and is a perfect fit for your family. I'm so happy for you guys!

gaudlep said...

James and Parker, I love the way you tell your version of the facts. I always thought sharing was tough and overated maybe. Oh well I guess, that's life. Parker that smile of yours tells me you are one determined little fellow and these boots and bars won't slow you down. I love your blog and I love it when you update often. Go Boys Go !!! Hugs and kisses, from me and my gang. Matante Nicole

denis said...

Hey boys,

Just a qiuck note from montreal, you both are growing so fast. I will visit you when I get home. Thank you for the flowers, the pictures, and the words of encouragement. Keep growing, laughing, and never stop being curious.. Miss you all, and we will talk soon.


Chris said...

Hi boys! Give your Mom some big wet kisses for me cause she does such a good job showing off your beautiful smiles. She's such a busy and strong lady! Try to be easy on her!!! Miss you!
Love, Chris

marieray said...

Hi to all of you.
Pere & Mere just want to sqeeze and hug you little munchkins.
We miss you and can't wait to visit again.
Love your smiles.
Hugs & Kisses. God bless you all.

mlpc said...

When I look at the blog and see those beautiful smiles - you warm my heart. I love calling and hearing the boys voices in the backgroud. Mr. Parker is starting to make so much noise that sometimes I'm not sure if it's James or Parker. I am truly happy for the both of you and am thrilled that your dreams have come true.
Love you all - Tante Louise