Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Party Time & Botox!

On Saturday Lisa & Jeff (Fletcher) hosted a Welcome Home Party for me! I loved playing with my little friends that attended the party. They are so much fun! Last week we also had our cousins Leanne and baby Liam visit. Mommy and Leanne got to share motherhood stories. I think I heard them say the get tired...I wonder why?
We got back from Vancouver today. My little brother got a new cast put on his foot at the BC Children's Hospital. He sure was not impressed. He cried so much last night that I had trouble falling asleep! Next week mommy and Parker go back to Vancouver so Parker can get a botox injection done to his foot. This way his foot will get better so he can run and play with me.
Bye for now!


Simone said...

Hi there,
I was so glad to see the posting this morning and know that you had made the trip to Vancouver and back safely. When I awoke on Monday morning to stories of snow on the Coquhilla I was quite worried about you guys.
We had a wonderful time on Saturday (thanks Lisa & Jeff!!!). Logan and Sierra talked non-stop of James and Parker as we drove to the theater on Saturday. (The recital went very well!) We shall look forward to seeing you all again soon. If Sierra had gotten her way we would have been at your place on Sunday!!!!! Luv Simone

gaudlep said...

James, I didn't know you wrote so well! Way a go! I love keepting in touch with you, your little bro and your Mommy and Daddy. I keep the 4 of you in my prayers. I hope your Mommy and Daddy are okay with Parker's little foot. I love you guys a lot. Nicole

marieray said...

Hi, It's mere & pere ...
Parker, you are looking more and more like your mom when she was a baby. James, you sure had a nice cake, and you are sure lucky to have had such a nice party, We can't wait to see all of you.
Parker will do just fine.
You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Leanne said...

Hi James!!! I miss you!!! Are you still hiding things in your ears???
Poor Parker! That must be hard to wear a cast at nightime.
We're coming to visit again... we'll be back in Kelowna on Tuesday, the 3rd and we're staying till Sunday the 8th!!! This time we're bringing Roseanne and Noah with us! I know you'll just love Noah!
See you soon! Love you lots!
Leanne & Liam

Chris said...

Happy Canada Day to our new cousins! When are we going to see you? Can you come and see us in Panorama in 2 weeks? We just got back from Canmore. We start swimming lessons tomorrow and we are so excited! We will all be OUT of the pool at 9:15 AM. I think our Mom forgot all about sleeping in on summer holidays!!!
Steven, Isabelle and Daniel