Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whose Bed Have These Boots Been Under?

Remember my 2009 New Year's resolution: buying clothes at less than $25 bucks?
I'm happy to report that I'm impressing myself. Even Daddy is impressed. And trust me if I can impress Daddy went it comes to shopping I know I'm rockin!

Last week I visited my girlfriend at her work. Which may have gotten her in a bit of trouble: I spent over 60 minutes chatting in her office! Apparently she gets paid to be there! Anyway, she was sporting these cool Lacoste runners. She found them at VV (aka: Value Village). I was inspired...

After my Thursday night yoga class I checked out VV. I scored! So much that I had to call my other girlfriend while I was throwing a pair of $5 jeans for James in the buggy! She laughed and said, "I love you! You're hilarious." I love her too.

So I got some cool stuff but my proudest purchase has to be these red boots.
These set me back $15 bucks!

While polishing my "new" boots Shania Twain's song started signing in my head:
Well whose bed have your boots been under?
I wanna know whose bed, baby
Whoa baby, tell me
Whose bed, yes I wanna know
You better start talkin'
Or you better start walkin'...
I can't help but think of the previous owners when I buy items previously used.

Did the previous owner of my boots outgrow them physically or emotionally?
Or did she decide that she will stick to wearing stilettos?



Anonymous said...

Love love love them. I think I am ready to try a VV shopping spree myself! Good work.

Teri said...

hahahaha! you called Nic, hey? I can totally hear her saying that to you :)

regan said...

jo ... you make me proud!! great post!!

Anonymous said...

Proud...would be an understatment!!! Yay for you sweet girl :o) VV is like a fashion easter egg hunt! I love that you challenged the racks & scored huge! ... next time, call me...Starbucks, NO kids & VV and of course, you in your sassy red boots & me in my Lacoste sneaks!
Luv Lisa