Friday, April 3, 2009

Poker Face

We vacationed in Las Vegas with the boys last week.
The buffets that stretched like limos were the highlight for Parker and James.

Things Mommy didn't like about Vegas:
  1. Everything is too big! Really, do you need to have your lobby the size of a football field?
  2. Starbucks has the monopoly in all the hotels on the strip. And they where worried about Bill Gates?
  3. Crossing the street to see a new venue takes not five minutes, not 10 minutes about 26 minutes! By the time you get there you've walked two miles! And don't forget you haven't yet walked into their football size lobby!
  4. Cigarette smoking is allowed as you sit enjoying the warm sun by the pool.
  5. No recession here. All the trust-fund kids were enjoying their spring break!

1 comment:

petite gourmand said...

My MIL's happy place is Vegas so we met them there last year with Lulu.
Surprisingly a fun place with kids.
But I do agree with all the things you mentioned-especially all the Smoking.
Drove me crazy having to walk through all that second hand smoke everywhere.