Sunday, April 26, 2009

Internet Issues

Thanks to Shaw, my internet has been having many issues that I can't seem to fix on my own.

I called Shaw's customer service to request one of the technicians to come fix it. This Tuesday they will come between 2PM - 4PM. I made this call 10 days ago.

I could have had them come tomorrow but I would have had to be home all day. "How many people do you know stay home all day?" I asked Mr. Customer Service Manager. The guy answered, "My wife. We have 4 kids and expecting our 5
th." Nice.

Because of my whining he said they will give me the last 3 weeks free. But it hasn't been really working for months so I am not thrilled with their generous offer.

I've got a lot more done around the house since I'm internet free. Summer items are all out, winter boots but away and all my photos developed and inserted in their albums. Very productive. Nonetheless, I'd rather me browsing on Etsy, Facebooking, Googling and emailing than doing my domestic duties!

*I am typing this at an Internet Cafe...and no I don't have a laptop.*

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Jeremy said...

Your blog is great, Joanne. I followed a link from Facebook and enjoyed checking it out -- it looks like a rich, full life.