Thursday, September 17, 2009

Affordable Fashion Finds!

The year is more than half over and I am acing my new years resolution.

Buying clothes for less than $25 is so fun for me. I get a real kick out of it and love to show off my digs to whoever wants to see it. If I receive a compliment on an item that I got for cheap I'll tell them, "I know, I love these shorts too. I got them at Value Village for $8." Like that person cares!

Here is a list of some of my proud purchases that I must share:
  • A pair of sassy high heels for $12 (used)
  • Silver Jean jean jacket...$10 (used)
  • Sunglasses by Nine West...$15 (Winners)
  • 2 tank tops for $5 bucks never have enough of those (Smart Set)
  • Very cool crop jacket...$10 (regular $130 at The Bay)
  • A beautiful antique bracelet for $8 (used)
  • Bra made in Italy...$18 (Winners)
I can not bring myself to buying something that's not on sale. Proof of this was when I was shopping for a bathing suit. Yes, you heard correctly...a bathing suit. I have learned after a couple of mishaps that wearing a bikini while swimming with a 2 year old can cause indecent exposure.

So it was time to switch the bikini to a full suit. We all know shopping for swim wear is a lot of work. Unlike a shirt where you can take a visual and not have to bother trying it on a bathing suit needs your whole body undressed and 3-way mirrors before a purchase can be made.

I set out to find a bathing suit...on sale. After trying the fifth suit I had a winner! It was on the 30% sale racket. When it came to pay the sales associate didn't give me the sale price. She explained that this was their fall collection. The suit shouldn't have been on the sales rack. (Why is The Bay so disorganized?) I didn't buy it. I didn't fall into the 'you better buy it 'cause you'll never find one this nice, and you need it now' state. I walked away confident that all will be well in the land of bathing suit shopping...

Three days later I stopped in at a swim store (much more organized). She showed me their sale rack. There wasn't much but I scored. I tried the only one I liked and it was calling my name! I saved $30 bucks and peace of mind knowing Parker can not untie my bikini!


Anonymous said...

It's so good to have you back in the 'blogging saddle' again!
Luv Simone

Ms. Porter said...

wow good for you! that's a good resolution although i wonder how many people would buy lots and lots of pieces that were $25 and under?? i don't shop very often so thankfully clothes shopping isn't a weakness for me...but i do find that when i shop i tend to spend alot at once.