Friday, September 4, 2009


So much junk and after awhile you have to admit to yourself it's time to let it go. Trash it, recycle it or feel somewhat better by giving it away.

I was 15 years old when my boarding school burned to the ground. Sounds burns no more school. Not in this case. We were back in class in an old chapel a week later. Seriously. The teacher stood at the alter! It was pathetic. No air conditioning and I swear this little town in south Saskatchewan had the hottest June ever.

My dear Aunt came to visit me during the one week I had off to buy clothes and more clothes! She gave me a card and after 20 years I still remember the words she had written to me: "....they can burn your bras but not the memories in your heart."

And that is why I am an expert purger!


Jenni said...

That's great! I love your aunt's wise words :)


Anonymous said...

HA!! I thought the BEFORE was organized! You should see my office, it would bring you to tears!

Ms. Porter said...

I also thought the before was organized! Yikes! I have a clean house but it's in some serious trouble in terms of organization. There are four pack rats living here and all of us have trouble letting things go. When I get in the mood I purge as quickly and as much as I can all at once just because I know how hard it usually is for me!