Sunday, February 8, 2009

More and More Cute at 4!

Today was all about me...Mommy and Daddy said I could decide the day since it was my birthday! I asked to go skating. So we headed out to Big White where I got to practice my skating on an outdoor rink. I am very tenacious, I'll be skating on my own soon!Daddy cooked my favorite meal: eggs and bacon! Yummy! The best part was my cake! There was whipped cream and strawberries, just like I ordered! I was even allowed to lick off the chocolate icing.Last week I got promoted from my toddler bed to a queen size bed! That's right, a huge bed just for me! Mommy and Daddy think I'm going to be a big guy, so they thought they'd super size my bed sooner than later!
Today I asked more questions then usual on the day I was born. I was born in Africa. Mommy said another mommy had me in her tummy. Daddy said he had to take a plane to come and get me. He said I was very hungry. I like to say, "I was just very little, right Daddy?"This turning 4 is sure cool! I hope the other 364 days will be just as fun!


Rose said...

Jo, you have the sweetest boys. I am so glad that you had nice weather for Big White. We were there Sunday too. Noah took snowboarding lessons. Happy birthday sweet James. We are so lucky to know you!

Teri said...

Happy Belated Birthday James (and Parker)! Hard to believe how old they are now!

Which room is James in?