Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mommy's Boots

I haven't owned a pair of rain boots since I was kid. I saw these while shopping at SuperStore in the kids section! If you are a size 6 in ladies you can fit in these! They look like pink bubble gums and the price...$16! It was a guiltless purchase!


indigo herself said...

those are cool boots, good style. did u know i was looking for you? i posted on pg's blog asking if u were gone, her link to your site was broken. anyhow, glad u are still here and thanks for following my blog. < blush >

Anonymous said...

ok Jo...i have tried these on in shoe stores and cannot get myself to buy them BUT have put on many laps in the stores, i think the people think i am a nut every time i do it BUT WHAT are you wearing them with????

Mommy Jo (Joanne Epp) said...

Hey anonymous! (who are you?)
Go and buy them! You can wear them w/ everything...yoga pants, jeans.
Last time I was at Big White there was a whole bunch of high school kids from Vancouver....I bet every 2nd girl was wearing a pair!!!