Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Puffed With Pride

Adoption Awareness Month was in November and I truly enjoyed writing on my experience with adoption. The post "My Adoption Story" was awarded for "Post of the Day" over at David McMahon's Blog, on 11/27/08. I was flattered to say the least to have been part of his blog. Especially knowing that David, who resides in Australia, is an international published author and photographer.

Dr. James Orbinski sent me a very kind email after I shared with him my post "Act of Courage". The author, Kelly Nault, the author of When You're About To Go Off the Deep End, Don't Take Your Kids With You emailed me when I mentioned her book on my post, "Ultimate Mom". She used the words 'beautifully written' when talking about my blog. Blush!!!!

So after a couple of well received posts from strangers, I've become self conscious about posting because I fear I now can't measure up to my previous posts. Is this what they would call "writer's block" or a sign that I've become addicted to blogging?

In any case I'm embarrassed that it takes just a few little kudos to get me all gitty and nervous. Getting a couple of nice comments is nothing. Just check out Heather Armstrong's blog: Dooce. She gets hundreds, thousands of comments! I get excited when I get 3 comments on one post, and do a happy dance!

Heather Armstrong actually makes her living by blogging. Now that she has announced she's knocked up for the second time I assume her traffic will increase immensely. (And yes, this is how she announced it....)
I'm not going to have another child to get more traffic to my blog. No, that would be silly. Maybe I'll get a pet dog. No, James would have a melt down. Hmmmm, what should I write about? How Parker demands to wear James' underwear rather than his diaper, but has yet to go do his business in the toilet? Or that James has learned to use the mouse on the computer and I'm afraid he'll start blogging? I think I'll go visit The One-Minute Writer, to prompt me to write!

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MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh congrats on being featured, how VERY cool!