Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ultimate Mom

When You're About To Go Off the

Deep End, Don't Take Your Kids With You, is the book I read during my first year of motherhood...that was last year.

It was at a parent conference when I heard Kelly Nault, the author of the book, speak about 'unleashing the ultimate mom within you'. I loved how candid she was about motherhood. I think that anyone who tries to say that they never had a meltdown in their career as a mother is severely in denial, which maybe a good place to be. But how long can one hold on like that?

Twenty months into my job as mommy I've had one meltdown...a month! So I refer to it on those less then easy days so that I can get back to being the Ultimate Mom to my boys.

Kelly is a spunky Canadian who gives 10% of the gross book proceeds to "Make A Wish Foundation" and if you are not the reading type visit, where she shares pratical parenting tips.

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Jennifer said...

Thanks so much Joanne! That is just what I needed. Yesterday was one of those days that was my turn to have a meltdown! Some days I feel like I yell and nag too much - well I know I do. I am going to have to get this book and find some tips and tricks to help me out! It is nice to know that I am not the only one that "flips out" on the kids once in a while. Have a good one!