Saturday, December 6, 2008

Here She Is Again

My mom sent me this email below after she read my post. I must say her memory is impressive. She obviously doesn't suffer from mommy brain like me. Above is the picture that is mentioned in the email.

Hi Joanne,

This doll was given to you when you were born, from Donald & Simone B, with the little outfit you are wearing on the picture of you sitting on a stool!

Yes, this doll is 37 1/2 years old! She came to you March 1971.

An antique in dolls, but not an antique YOU.

Great blogging.



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Anonymous said...

I have goosebumps. Not sure why. I feel a wide range of emotions each time I read your words so I am not surprised that I feel emotion, but the goosebumps are unique. I just had to tell you today how special I feel to be able to share your story and that of your family by 'checking in' on your blog on a regular basis. Thank you, as always, for sharing with us.
Love Simone