Monday, September 22, 2008

The Apology Policy

Our No.2 has to say, "I'm torry (sorry)." to his older brother about 3x before 8 in the morning!
By the afternoon I've lost count how many times I've put him in his crib for bad behavior!
Saying sorry involves the guilty to look to the 'innocent' in the eye, say sorry or torry however you want to say it and then hugging and giving a kiss to the 'innocent'.

The faux pas involves either toy stealing, pinching or hitting!
James seldom hits back but enjoys telling Parker that he is the bigger one: "Parker, you can't ride my bike. You're too little." or "Parker, you can't go with Daddy 'cause you're too little".
Today, James told me to be quiet because Parker was sleeping.
James takes his big brother job quite seriously... most days!

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