Sunday, June 1, 2008

Girls, cake, and more girls!

On Saturday mommy took me to my very first birthday party.
My buddy turned "4"!
She had lots of little friends there, mostly girls!
It was hard to keep up to all of them. One minute I was the monster and the next minute I was told, "We're not playing that anymore."
A princess appeared and she colored our faces! The girls got butterflies and such but I went for a blue monster truck! I had so much fun that I was nodding off on the way home. But mommy made sure I kept awake till I got home.

Note: Mommy made me wear the PINK shirt!

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like the boys are keeping your life pretty interesting... it is amazing how much they are changing since we saw them last! We are really excited for our trip in July to come and see you! Take care.