Sunday, June 15, 2008


Hi Daddy,
'Cause it's Father's day we thought it would be cool to list off a few things we like about you:
  • For playing the pillow game every night with us
  • For teaching us how to burp
  • For putting my boots and bars on every single night (Parker)
  • For teaching me how to put my runners on (James)
  • For bringing us to see the Dune Buggee race.
  • For reading me the Gruffalo book every night (James)
  • For buying us each our own Funky Monkey Booster Juices every time you take us to the mall.
  • For letting us drive our 'motorbike' to get the mail.
  • For making us great meals that include chips with ketchup and Big Turk chocolate bars.
  • For letting us sneak into bed with you
  • But most importantly for bringing us into the world! We love it here!
Love your sons,

James & Parker

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