Wednesday, May 28, 2008

He did a Mike Tyson Move!

Yep, the title says it all! Let me explain.
Yesterday James and I where snuggled in bed for our usual afternoon nap.
Like most kids he likes to move and act silly before he goes to sleepy land.
And this time was no different except that instead of coming over to whisper something silly in my ear like he does he bit it!
Yes, he bit my ear!
Not a nibble, not a suck but a real hard bite! I yelled and luckily he let go!
There was no blood or missing ear but I tell you I was shocked to say the least! And it a lot!
After the initial shock I looked at him sternly and with anger in my voice said, "Why did you do that?"
He looked at me with a blank face and a blank stare!
I asked him another 3 times, "James, why did you bite mommy's ear?"
And he said, "Why?"
This is how he typically answers a question when he has no answer. He says, "Why".
Not the answer I was looking for.
The nap never did happen. He kept acting weird and finally I said, "Go play on the deck."
He played alone while I stayed inside afraid of my own child!
I called his daddy and told him that HIS son did a Mike Tyson move on me.
We decided we would have a "family meeting" with him that evening.
So there we were at 7:30 at night having a meeting with our 3 year old son! Telling him that no hitting, pinching, kicking and BITING are allowed.
He sat there all so serious and trying not to cry.
After our little discipline session we gave big hugs.
He gave this big smile and to him everything was back to normal.
So today, just in case things didn't sink into his head , I wore ear muffs during nap time...just kidding!
But I am glad to say there was no biting!

PS - No pictures where taken of this incident!


Teri said...

sounds like he just wanted to know what would happen. neil did something like that as a kid to see what would happen.

poor james must have been pretty upset during the meeting.

sounds like you guys handled it well though! parenting is a challenge!

Leanne said...

That is hilarious! What a goof! Maybe he was pretending to be some animal he saw somewhere... who knows! Liam's starting to bite, not our skin but our clothes. The more we say no, the more he does it! It's like he's just discovered he has teeth and he can use them for other things than eating.
Thanks for the story! Talk soon!