Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thoughts about my career as a Mommy

Mother's Day for me is like Valentine's Day when I was single. When you're single you dread the arrival of February 14 because someone will eventually ask you, "So what are you doing for Valentine's Day?" This is after they have told you about the dozen red roses they received from their Valentine. I remember one single friend who purposely took V day off to go skiing up in the mountains just so she didn't have to hear all the love talk around the office! Smart girl! (She is now tying the knot this summer!) When Mr. Perfect came into my life (aka: Michael) Valentine's Day wasn't a big deal (okay, he still must get me a gift!). The best way I can describe this, is when I'm at peace with something I no longer worry about it. I'm sure this is the same for most humans out there!

So prior to being a mommy I would say to Michael on M day, "Next year, I'll celebrate Mother's Day." or "Another Mother's day gone by and still I'm not a mom." I said that line for quite a few years with a hint of pitty too! Then last year Mother's Day arrived with me not even realizing it was Mother's Day till the last minute! I was a NEW MOMMY who didn't have time to sleep let alone look at the calendar and I was at peace!

This year, thanks for being less sleep deprived I had the time to think about my new job (15 months and counting) as "Mommy". The thing that has struck me the most, like in most jobs, is how much I didn't know. So here, in random order, is a list of things I didn't know about the career of motherhood:

I didn't know that....
  • I'd use my shirts as Kleenxes
  • my jeans would get holes in the knee areas
  • naps are so sacred...sorry to the moms out there for the times I woke up your sleeping baby!
  • I'd be so happy to see my hubby come home so I can go to the washroom privately
  • I would actually speed home to get out of the car a crying, hyperventilating, out of control baby (or so I think!). He probably was just whining!
  • going to get groceries at 8 o'clock at night alone would be something I'd call a nice break!
  • I could go without brushing my teeth till noon...still sounds stupid to takes two minutes to brush teeth...but somehow these two little fellas suck up a lot of my time!
  • I would let my baby take his naps in his car seat (he doesn't anymore so it's save for me to now share!@#)
  • I'd be washing clothes and cleaning the floor 742 times a day
  • I'd have days where I'd rather be back at work in a cubicle with no windows, no air conditioning (so hot!), scheduled breaks (nice!) then being at home with the two munchkins who don't allow me to go to the washroom privately (did I say that already!)
  • I could function under less than 6 hours of sleep for weeks on end and still be somewhat normal...
  • I'd be so darn proud of my so proud that that's all I want to talk about (yes, I'm one of those moms!)
  • I'd have to be so careful in my choice of I really say, "eh?" instead of saying "Pardon me?"!!!!
  • that I would miss nursing as much as I do
  • wearing jewelery is really stupid to wear when you have little ones, but I still do it.
  • as soon I would talk of the phone they would go ape
  • the 'baby breath' would disappear so soon
  • I'd have to say things 294 times before they decide to no longer ignore me
  • being the ultimate mom means learning to be happy in know when they have a meltdown in public and you just want to disappear in the background!
This list, obviously could go on but I got to get some scared sleep. To all you mommies out there (the veterans, the intermediates and the new ones) let me know what are some of your, "I didn't know..." moments.

Peace, love and joy to all of you wanna-be moms (been there), and moms!

Joanne (aka: Mommy)

  • Parker, get you butt down!
  • I mean it!
  • One more time and your getting out!
  • Do you want to get hurt!
  • ...blah! blah! blah!

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Leanne said...

There are many things I didn't know too. Here are a couple:
- I didn't know exhaustion
- I didn't know truly feeling another's pain
- I didn't know guilt
- I didn't care so much about "world issues"

That's all I can think of now because I am truly exhausted! Happy Belated Mother's Day!