Monday, April 28, 2008

One year ago...

It's been a year tomorrow (April 29) that James officially joined our family!

We've been reminiscing for the past few days about this day and the 364 days following. We watched videos and looked at pictures. We had our final adoption post placement visit with our social worker. Three visits were done in the past year to see how James' is medical, growth, adjustment and attachment were coming along.

We also received an email from the orphanage to see how James was doing. We will continue to inform the orphanage on James' development and growth and also share pictures of him. James is our 'big' miracle: he could hardly walk, he was quiet and did no eye contact. The day of his arrival I was so scared and yet this is what I waited for so long, but it's kind of like birth you know you can't turn back and you know darn well that your life will be forever changed. And indeed it has!

We now look at James running, climbing, talking non-stop and eager to be a "big kid". It warms our hearts. There were days that I felt ill equipped for this job called motherhood yet James' easy going personality calmed me. James' first two years of life were spent without us but we truly do not feel we 'missed out' on those years. Perhaps it's because it was just meant to be.

Happy Gotch-ya Day James!

We had all the right intentions to celebrate this day with a big party, as for his and Parker's birthdays but we've taken the informal route this time around! Could it be because we're tired parents? Next year will celebrate with pizazz!!!


Teri said...

I love this post! You've captured it all so beautifully. I think you should write this out for James when he's older.

I'm so glad this last year has gone really well for all of you! James fits in perfectly with your family.

Chris said...

Wow, great words Jo! I'm sure you're reliving every minute and every day of this monumental time of your life. I'd think that it's still soaking in. Time is such good medicine.
Happy Gotcha Ya Day James! I knew it was coming up soon. You've sure kept your Mommy and Daddy on their toes this year. Good work, don't slow down! Could you come over and play soon?
Lots of kisses,

Rhonda & Kristin said...

Congratulations on your first gotcha day anniversary!!