Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Summary of the month of April

Parker had his doctors appointment for his club foot at the Vancouver Children's Hospital this month. All is good: he must keep wearing his runners during the day and boots and bars at night. Consistency shall pay off!

While in Vancouver we took the boys to the Aquarium to show them (and teach us!) about the wonders under the sea.
Of course we stopped at IKEA 'cause us folks in the Okanagan just don't have the luxury of having this awesome store (as well as an OLD NAVY - I just had to whine about that!). So here is James showing us that these shelves can hold 40lbs and Parker eager to join him!

The NHL playoffs are never ending and Michael has gotten his little Parker
fascinated by men on skates chasing a black toy!

A celebration of a dear friend who turned thirty something was celebrated with martinis! Who knew martinis had fun names like: Bond Girl, Diva, Red Shoe, etc.!

The last Friday of April was James and Parker's first play date with 7 of their little friends and their mommies! Considering the potential for chaos the morning play time was fun. Have food, juice boxes, toys and a toilet near by and your set! Perhaps this might be a monthly event!

May the month of May bring all of us sunshine and butterfly kisses!

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