Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Where I was Born

Many of you have asked questions about my place of birth so here is some information of my home land; Monrovia, Liberia - Africa.

I have also included the flag of Liberia (very similar to the United States flag), a map, the orphanage I lived at (, and the very first picture my mom and dad saw of me (I'm looking a bit sad because I was hungry).


  • The capital of Liberia is Monrovia. That's were I was born!
  • Monrovia was named after former U.S president James Monroe. Which by the way brings me to mention that my name is James Monrovia Epp. My parents thought changing my middle name from Kid to Monrovia would be special and unique and I agree.
  • English is the official language. That's why I can talk so good!
  • The president of Liberia is Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. She is the first female president in Africa.
  • Liberia is on its way to a very slow recovery after being in a 14 year civil war where many children were used as soldiers.


  • One in eight babies die at birth and nearly half the children die before they are five years old.
  • The unemployment rate in Liberia is 85%.
  • 80% of the people live in extreme poverty.
  • There are no functioning public utilities, and the vast majority of Liberians have no access to electricity, water and basic sanitation facilities.
  • Most medical facilities have been destroyed, looted or damaged preventing children from receiving basic and necessary care.
I am a lucky boy to now be here safe with my mommy and daddy but they often say that they are the lucky ones to have me! I hope one day soon to return to Liberia with daddy, mommy and Parker to visit and volunteer.

James Monrovia Epp


ydopson said...

Hi there! I agree with both your comments!!!! James -- some day when I meet you I'll tell you all about how wonderful your Mom is, as if you don't know already! :-)
Many hugs to all of you! xoxo

Teri said...

that ia an awesome post! thanks for sharing more about Liberia.

and all of you are lucky to be together!

Chris said...

Hi there!

Thank you so much for the wonderful updates!You are all so very blessed to have found each other! You are a beautiful, inspirational family! Thank you for sharing your boy's progressions and it is nice to know more about James' homeland.

Take care. Love you all,