Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Being a Dad!

My first Father's Day started with a bang with Parker unleashing an early morning vomitous bomb right between the eyes. Luckily things got better and we all enjoyed DQ frozen cake and spent a fantastic day together. Hope everyone is doing well.
The Epp's


regan said...

Happy belated Father's Day to you Michael! You're a great dad! James and Parker are very blessed to have you.

All our love, Regan & Kale

PS Hugs to the boys!

Ginette & Christopher said...

I thought of you on Father's Day Michael! I knew you would have a very wonderful day! Congrats on your very first Father's Day.

Ginette & Christopher

gaudlep said...

Joanne and Michael, have I mentionned before, that I really enjoy your blog????????
When I open it up, I feel as though I've got mail!!!!!!!!
So Parker, didn't like what he ate?
Michael, I just know your shirt buttons were popping on Father's Day; may you enjoy many, many more with those two little fellows. Love Nicole

Nicole said...

Happy Belated Fathers day Michael.
What a beautiful family you have!
Looking forward to seeing you guys on Sunday!