Saturday, May 5, 2007

Home Safe & Sound

It is 2:30 in the morning and all three of my boys are sleeping. I am wide awake thinking about little James. Michael walked down the airport ramp with little James clinging on to him. It was beautiful. James traveled like a trooper. Michael says he only cried once when they were at the doctors in Accra. Michael says he doesn't have the energy to cry and I believe it. It was only once that I held him did I realize how delicate and fragile he is. We are going to need to gently and slowly get James healthy and vibrant. He has the most beautiful long eye lashes that I ever seen.

Here are some pictures.


lwood said...

WOW - Congratulations!!!! I am so pleased to hear that both the boys are home safe and sound. James is so cute!

I am sure James does not realize it yet but he is about to begin one FABULOUS life - he has two wonderful parents.

Take care and have fun getting to know each other.

Can't wait to meet James.

Love Lori and Jessica

Teri said...

he is beautiful! i'm so glad that he is home safe and sound with you guys!

Simone said...

WHAT JOY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! and THANK YOU!! Thank you for the update and the pictures. I've thought of you all so often in the last 24 hours. It is WONDERFUL to see pictures of James, to see him in the arms of his father and to know how much love there is in your home. I'm sure he will be healthy and vibrant in no time because I know you and Michael won't rest until he is.

ENJOY every second. Let your mind and heart take in every nuance, every heartbeat, every joy.

We look forward to seeing you all when you are ready.

Love Simone, Graham, Sierra and Logan

Nicole said...

Wonderful news!!!! The Epp family is now complete and what a beautiful family it is! He is gorgeous. We can't wait to meet him once you are ready. We wish you endless days of happiness. What a wonderful life those two Epp children are going to have!

Sending all our Love,
Nic, Shae and Jace

Ginette & Christopher said...

Congratulations - Two sons in three months! We are so thrilled for you. I have tears of joy everytime I read your blog and see the pictures. We are so happy that Michael and James are home. James is beautiful. We can't imagine what you must be feeling right now. Take care. Enjoy. And thank you so much for sharing your wonderful journey with us! We look forward to more updates and pictures.
Ginette & Christopher

waymarberg said...

*Congratulations* We're so glad to hear Mike and James are home safe and sound and your altogether as a happy little've waited such along time. We're so glad to be your neighbours and to have the privlage of seeing your little family grow.
Take Care and Keep Smiling
Love Wayne and Maryanne

lise kalinski said...

Thank God you're both home safe. Enjoy!!!
Lise et al

Day said...

Home safe & sound - congratulations to all of you!!! James is beautiful!! Best wishes for a smooth happy adjustment... let us know if you want to expose him to another 2/3 yr old! :-).
Daisy & Co.

jenni.fontaine said...

James is so beautiful!

All our love and best wishes :)
Jenni & Jamie

leannebussiere said...

Hi Guys! I'm so excited!!! He is so beautiful and so lucky to have you for parents! It makes me want to adopt one of my own! Keep us posted! I'm sure you guys are wonderful with him! Hopefully he adjust quickly!
Lots of love,

Benoit & Natasha said...

Congratulations Joanne & Michael on your growing family. Parker and James are both beautiful additions. Enjoy every minute. We're thinking of you.


Benoit, Natasha, Vincent & Emma

p.s. Natasha's cousin and husband (who live in Warman) just came back 1 month ago from Ethiopia with a daughter and a son. They are adapting well. It's very exciting.

ydopson said...

Congratulations, Joanne and Michael! He is so cute, and so very lucky to have you three! I know that will be one busy, but happy household! Enjoy ... we look forward to meeting both your sons some day soon.
Much love to you.

tolynyk said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I'm so happy that Michael and James made it home safe and sound. James is so cute with those gorgeous eyes!! What a beautiful family you and Michael have. James is now in a home that is safe and full of love, allowing him to get strong and healthy.

I love the picture of James holdong Michael's hand. It is so wonderful to see the "father / son" bond.

I thank you for sharing your wonderful journey with us.


Lisa said...

Perfect...he is perfect.
Just like the other photos, he is a little boy with an intense sense of self, he is definately a trooper. He is an "Epp" for sure! You have been so patient & the pay-off is beyond measure. You are "all" so lucky to have each, good things come to good people Michael & Jo, you deserve all the joy, pride & unconditional love that is in your future.

Cherish falling in love with James as you did with Parker, get on the floor & play...alot & thank you for letting us be apart of this beautiful family's adventure.

Kaelum would like to know if he wants to be a goalie or play "D", he has pads & sticks.
Ken wants "you" to know that other than Saturday mornings, she free to babysit.

Love the Fletcher's

marieray said...

Joanne & Michael,
We thank God that every one came home safe and sound. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
We are so happy for all of you and can't wait to meet James and see all of you.
We enjoyed having time with you and Parker and will love to have all of you over.
God bless you and your boys.
All our love & hugs.
Pere & Mere aka Raymond & Marie-Rose

Alice said...

James is so adorable!! I can't wait to meet him and see how much little Parker has grown too!
Two special little boys...what more could you ask for.
Lots of Love,

barb k said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! wow, can't wait to meet James. I'll plan to meet up with you guys in a couple weeks. SO MUCH to talk about......can't wait!
I'm so happy for you....I hope Chris doesn't come in and see me crying....ha! I think about you all every day! xoxoxoxo Barb

syl.lepage said...

Congratulations ALL of you! You have a lot of courage, Jo and Michael, and Parker and James are lucky to have you! I keep checking your blog daily but looks like you have your hands full - adapting and parenting has to be keeping you busy and using a lot of emotional energy! Thanks for sharing your adventure! I can't wait to meet your little boys - they both look absolutely gorgeous!