Sunday, May 20, 2007


It has been fun watching James blossom as he settles into his new home. He no longer walks slow, or like Michael says, like an old man. James now walks with a bounce in his step and talks A LOT. Those who phone us can attest to that! Changing stinky diapers is not fun, so twice James went on the toilet with his parents cheering as if he won the lottery!

It is a guarantee that if one of us is in the kitchen the shadow (aka: James) will be there expecting food! And he'll shout, "Yum!" continuously when he eats! He likes to pretend he is sleeping and loves to entertain us with his singing and humming. We often ask him if he attended the school of fine arts in Liberia! He can sing his ABC's and we think he sings the song "Amen". He is now learning to sing O Canada for his mere (my mom). James has had a battery of tests done (ultrasound, x-rays, blood work). So far the only thing the doctors have detected is that his is low on iron. The care we have gotten has been awesome.

Parker, now 3.5 months, is enjoying his big brother's entertainment. Three nights in a row Parker has only woken up once in the night and during the day he can now fall asleep on his own. (Prior to James mommy would cuddle and hold Parker during nap times!) Parker is cooing and still has a very calm and cool disposition!

As for Michael and I we are having lots of fun hanging out with our boys. By the end of the day we are both wiped and grateful to have these two blessings in our lives!


marieray said...

We cannot wait to see these munchkins.
They are adorable.
Both of them are very vocal, I was too slow to catch on to the ABC tune from James.
Jo & Michael, you guys look great.
Bless you all.
hugs & love
pere & mere

syl.lepage said...

As usual, I felt like crying when I read your update and looked at the pictures! Very strange reaction to something so beautiful and wonderful!

You guys seem to be doing great - all of you! I can't believe the difference in James in just two weeks! I'm so anxious to see all of you!

mlpc said...

I was absolutely thrilled when I saw the new pictures of James. His eyes are not the eyes of the child you brought home two weeks ago. Amazing what love and sense of security can do.

Mr. Parker - in the picture with Michael - my goodness do they look alike.

Thank you for updating your blog so often. It's great to see how the boys are growing.

Love you and think of you often,
Hugs and kisses,
Tante Louise

Nicole said...

I need to come for another vist........SOON!!! James seems like a different boy than the one I met a few weeks ago. He looks so happy and secure and Parker is getting so big. Sounds like you have gotten into a pretty good routine! Looking forward to spending some time together when I am on mat leave!
Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys...Regan gave us your blog address...congrats!! You have 2 pretty cute boys there! I love the picture of Michael and James on the mothers day pictures...

So glad everyone is home safe and sound and loving life!!

Take care,
Sarah/Randy Armstrong

Melaney said...

Another update and more tears of wonder as to the good you, Joanne and Michael, have brought to both of those boys lives!!!
You inspire me!

Leanne said...

I LOVE THE PIC OF JAMES ON THE TOILET!!! You can tell he's just a little character... it's awesome to see his progression in the pics. I'm sure he keeps Parker entertained. So fun!