Monday, April 16, 2007

Grand-pa & Grand-ma Epp!

Parker got to meet his grand-pa, grand-ma and his sweet cousin Kaitlyn (3.5 years old) for the first time this weekend. We had an excellent time eating, visiting, playing ball and cards. Kaitlyn is quite a ball player and mother teaching us all about feeding her doll Phoebe.


Krystle said...

it looks like everyone had a great time - i know they were all really excited about meeting Parker - Kaitlyn will be talking about it for weeks! We can't wait to introduce Zander to Parker!

Nicole said...

Hi Jo & Michael,
Nicole forwarded your Blog to me. Congrats on your geogeous James, and Parker of course. Your years ahead will be so blessed with your two boys. I am so touched to think of what a beautiful life James will now have thanks to the two of you.