Thursday, April 5, 2007

An Alberta Visitor!

Last weekend we had my cousin Christine Wolinski visit us from Sherwood Park, AB! Parker received lots of snuggles from his Aunty Chris and as usual Chris and I chatted non-stop. We had lots of fun but next visit must include Ted, and the three munchkins: Steven, Isabelle and Daniel.

Yesterday Parker had his weekly visit to the hospital for his foot. X-rays were done on both his feet and Dr. O'Farrell is happy with the progress. Parker will continue to be cast free for another 2 weeks! Yippee!

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!


Syl said...

Hi you guys! Happy Easter. And Belated Happy Birthday Jo! Parker looks as beautiful as ever. Yvette and I are talking about a trip to Calgary and Kelowna - I really want to see your baby or hopefully, babies!

regan said...

"I like your superhero hat and cape! You look just like me!"

i love you, kale (typed by him)