Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Weekend & More!

Here are some pictures that capture Parker enjoying his first Easter weekend with some of his Kelowna friends, hanging out with Jordan (6 mo) at Starbucks and him crying after we have exercised his leg.


Nicole said...

Great pics Jo!
Thanks again for joining us for dinner, for the wonderful muffins and for leanding me some mat clothes. The Epp's rock! Michael getting Jace to laugh so hard was pricless.
Hope the rest of your Easter was fabulous!
Love to love ya

marieray said...

Oh my! Parker, you have grown sooo much!
We can't wait to see you.
Joanne and Michael, Parker is not starving, he looks very happy and content. Miss you all.
Love & hugs,
pere & mere.

ydopson said...

FINALLY I can see who Parker looks like -- in the photo where he's crying -- it's YOU, Joanne! Ha! He's adorable! xo

Lisa said...

Glad we could be a part of Parker's "first" Easter!....notice the big smile he is giving me? :o)
Kaelum has stashed a bunch of chocolate eggs in his closet for Sweet James, I put them up high so the dog doesn't get them ... we can't wait to share in all of James' "firsts" as well!

marieray said...

Dear Joanne, Michaël and family,
Congratulations both of you. What a nice ending to a long long story! I feel very emotional looking at those pictures.I mostly feel the love and happiness with you and around you,starting a new life with that new addition. Parker and James are both , Joanne nd Michaël, two beautiful loving people.
I wish you well. Lots oflove and hugs,
Tante Madeleine
xox etc