Monday, March 19, 2007

Date Night!

As many of you know the Epp's have a tradition of going to a movie every Friday night so when Aunty Monique offered to babysit Parker we took her up on it. On Saturday night we dropped Parker off at Aunty's and we went out and enjoyed a great dinner and a movie. When we returned we were surprise to hear that our muchkin did strange the whole evening while we were gone: quivering his lower lip and not wanting to be snuggled. Here we brag (continuously!) how good he is and then he does the opposite. But Aunty, being gracious and patient as she is, said she'd babysit again! I just hope next time Parker wears his angel wings and halo!

1 comment:

Chris said...

Oh, if I could babysit for you on your next date night, I would! Maybe next weekend!!! I just can't wait to meet the little guy!
Love, Chris