Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Bucket!

Last night, to remove Parker's plaster cast we decided to use a bucket! Filling the bucket with water and vinegar Michael held him for 30 min and Parker slept through it! This was much more successful than last week where we had him soak in the tub for 40 min and he had cried through the whole thing! Today he got his new cast (No. 3) put on. It takes Dr. O'Farrell about 5 to 7 minutes to put the cast on as Parker screams through it! Parker is quite well known when we walk back into the waiting room!


wdstus said...

Thanks for inviting us to visit your blog, it's awesome and we are thrilled to be able to see all of you with Parker. He's going to be a tough guy, going through all this already and you're going to be awesome parents! Congrats and Good Luck to both of you! We look forward to welcoming James, hopefully real soon.
With love and prayers Aunty Doris

curtis_epp said...

Thanks for inviting me. It is very good to see your pictures and I am very excited for you ad you new family. Parker looks amazing- He is so adorable- can't wait to meet him. Joanne looks very good as well after having the baby- you can see it in both of your eyes. What a blessing God has sent you. I pray that everything goes well with James and then your entire family will come around. What a good year to have everthing work out as it is your 10th anniversary. Take care and we look forward to meeting your new babies. You look so happy and for that I am thank-ful.
God bless you and keep in touch,

Your brother and new uncle,

mlpc said...

Hi ma taunte i really like your'e blog it was really cool.

It would awesome if you could teach me how.

Can't wait to see you,Micheal, James and Parker

Patrick piché

Teri said...

Adorable! Poor baby with that cast on - it looks so heavy and big on Parker. I'm glad the bucket worked better for taking it off.

Nicole Epp said...

Parker is so cute and so precious. It must be so hard to see him with that little cast on! Hopefully the cast will fix him up completely and quickly. It's hearbreaking when you have to put your little one through something like that, but atleast it will be worth it in the end.
We just can't wait to see him and little James.

Nicole said...

Thanks for the visit and coffees today Jo. It was great to see you and have a snuggle with Parker. He is such a good baby. Glad to hear that the cast is doing its job so well. Maybe it will get to come off sooner than later? Don't forget about my offer to babysit anytime you and Michael would like to go for a date. I would be honored to take him!

syl.lepage said...

Hi Jo and Mike,
Parker is no absolutely adorable - wish I could see him - and especially hold him for a while. Hope the bucket trick continues to work - having him cry for 40 minutes while you took off the first cast must have been heartbreaking! Even the time it takes to put on a new one can't be much fun - who can stand to hear a baby crying? But I guess you do what you have to - and at least you know it's not in vain!
Keep on blogging! It's great!